Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Encouraging Life Moments

If you’re anything like me, you have your share of doubts and unsettling uncertainty. 

Perhaps you have started a new job, or just had a baby, or maybe you just started dating someone.

It’s always a startling start, no matter how much we wanted to start somewhere new or meet someone new. 

Sometimes, the intimidation of that newness we so crave prevents us from seeing what we were good at to arrive at that new spot in the first place. 

Earlier this week, I found myself on the delivering end of encouragement and it was a position I was glad to be in, and in fact I am quite comfortable in that position. It may possibly be the greatest thing someone can do for someone else. 

Then, today, I received something in the mail that gave me encouragement I didn’t even know I needed. 

In conversation, unexpected and needed encouragement often goes like this, with the following phrases from the encourager:
“They [people you didn’t suspect] really like you!”
“You’re one of my top students!”
“I believe in you.” 
"You are great at what you do."
“I think you are a great teacher. 
Then, the response from that person who needs the encouragement is almost always:
“I didn’t know that!”

Am I wrong?
I find I either burst it aloud, or feel it inside. 

The thing is, what our encourager tells us is something we know but don’t believe until we hear it from them (ok, and maybe one or two other people). 

What happens next is natural, we start doing “better” at what we were told we were already good at, developing “better” relationships with the people we “didn’t know” liked us, and become “better” educators and students. 

The reward is a two-way street. 

Never miss the opportunity to encourage someone else. 

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