Saturday, August 25, 2012

Still Think It's a Coincidence?

Manifest destiny is something I learned about in eighth grade. If you don’t remember, here’s a brief history lesson:

It’s the belief that the United States was destined to spread across the North American continent. 

The phrase, manifest destiny, meant different things to different people, but to mid-19th Century Democrats, it meant that something was “pre-arranged by God.” 

Lately, I have identified what feels like manifest destiny, happenstance, serendipity, providence, coincidence, or, simply, a “God moment”

A person has to be sitting right down smack in their faith to see a “coincidence” as God, or for non-Christians, as some sort of Higher Power.

This could be meeting the love of your life in a dog park, getting a new job after meeting someone on a per-chance flight across the country, or buying a new house because it came on the market the day you went to look at it. 

“I didn’t know we were friends,” I still remember being dumbfounded after my college roommate and I realized we were friends in the Spring of 1999. It wasn’t an active process, it just happened. We woke up one day and realized it. 

Still think it’s a coincidence?

On Friday, I was prepared to be called into work to produce a late evening newscast. I did get called into work, and about thirty minutes later, I was told I didn’t need to come in anymore. 

My day went on as scheduled with run-of-the-mill doctor’s appointments, manicure, and multiple texting conversations filled with “tiny coincidences.”

I came home and opened up Facebook and the second I did, a co-worker who I had never spent time with outside of work posted she was going to hear a Pastor speak at the Church I just happen to attend.

Here’s where it get’s interesting. The name of the Pastor, James MacDonald, was not known to me until just one day earlier. It would not have been known to me at all if another friend had not mailed me a two-part CD sermon by that same Pastor. The topic of that is forgiveness. 

I just received it in the mail this week and had listened to the first part on Thursday night.

So, I reserved a seat and met my co-worker at this event and heard the message. 

Still think it’s a coincidence?

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