Sunday, September 16, 2012

5 "Things": A Successful Life

When I think of the phrase “self love” the first thoughts that come to my mind aren’t necessarily what the topic is really about.

In her song “Secret” Madonna sings, “Until I learned to love myself, I was never, ever lovin’ anybody else.” 

That’s where the real issue is! If we, ourselves, think we are unloveable, chances are a lot of people around us might feel the same way about us. 

In a seminar I participated in this weekend on this very topic, I was challenged to write the answer to a question. I chose to think that God was asking the question and no one else. 

“Imagine you are on your deathbed, and I am with you, 
and I ask, ‘What were the five things you accomplished or experienced 
that made your life a total success?’” 

Here’s what I wrote, September 15, 2012, with grammatical and tense errors, and all, as I waffled between the present and the certain, but hopefully not soon, future:

“The first things I think of about making my life a total success:
First, my relationship with God and the pursuit of developing my faith. 

The second thing I think of is how I interacted with my friends, by being encouraging and loving even when they may have been unloveable, and making amends when I realized someone should make them.   Also, third, would be telling and showing the ones I love that I love them when I do and not waiting another minute.  
Fourth, giving up what others think of me. Everyone has an opinion and while I will always strive to do what is legally and morally right, I cannot care about what anyone thinks. I would go crazy trying to please everyone. 
So, leaping with a strong heart, and open eyes, and hands outreached for all I can. 

I will not consider my life a success for the awards I earn, the praise I receive, or the jobs that I have. It is not my money earned or not earned, or where I lived, or the clothes I wore. 
It is, fifth, and finally, the family I have, the family I created, the friends I love, and that it was my life.
And, it was for God.”

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