Sunday, September 23, 2012

Celebrate Others and You Will Celebrate Yourself

Celebrate others and you will celebrate yourself.

It seems simple enough, but sometimes many of us get caught up in our own selfish desires, preferences, and “ways of doing things” that we miss the point.

When I finished high school, a group of my close girl friends and I hoped to take a graduation celebratory trip. 

San Francisco, Hawaii, New York, and downtown San Diego were all possibilities, but they eventually dissolved into nothing.

Two of us really just wanted to spend time with everyone and tried to come up with multiple options that would fit all of our interests.

It didn’t work out well, when one person didn’t want to fly, another person didn’t want to drive, and then the train was out of the question.

Illegal activity and violation of common sense isn’t an option. So, not including those activities, I find when I put my selfish preferences aside, I’m challenged to enjoy something I wouldn’t have considered enjoying.

That surrendering to the experience often reveals a greater experience than one I ever could imagine or plan. 

It’s about enjoying the experience, who you’re enjoying it for, and doing it without grumbling. 

In fact, the best experiences of my life have been the ones in which I just said, “Yes!” and went with the flow, stopping only when I knew it absolutely wasn’t right. 

When it’s a friend’s wedding, and you’re in it, or a birthday party and you’re going, or a Bachelorette or Bachelor Party that you’re throwing, and it’s not what you would do, remember who you’re doing it for. 

If one of my friends said, “I want you to be my party planner for my 35th birthday.”

“What do you want to do?” I would immediately ask. 

It’s not about me, it’s about me honoring them in the same way I hope they would honor and respect me.

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