Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Face the Fear, See the View

Adequacy in the face of fear is one of the greatest feelings of accomplishment any person may have.

I’m afraid of heights, but I love, and feel enriched by, a great view.

“View,” I am told is one of the very first words I ever uttered. My Dad journaled in my childhood diaries that I walked to the large floor-to-ceiling windows of the home we were moving to in 1981 and looked out to the golf course. 


As tiny as I was at the time, and the house being above ground, two or so stories, I’m surprised the height didn’t scare me. 
So, when this past June when I decided that going zip-lining would be a great idea, my choice was to completely ignore the fear. It was a great plan, and it worked right up until I was standing on the ledge.

The instructor was telling me to sit down, lean back, and get into a cannonball-like position. I heard him, alright, but was completely shaken after watching the person in front of me zip across a canyon, hundreds of feet above the ground in just 15 seconds across something almost the length of a football field.


“I’m sorry, you want me to do what, now?” 

Two and a half lines later, I couldn’t wait to do it again! All of my fears were relieved, and once I stopped shaking and fighting the experience (that I chose to participate in - willingly), the view was absolutely stunning.

I’m not a fan of speed, but I do love the feel of the wind in my face and the color of a crisp white snow as I make it down a mountain. I like it as much as I’d like to sit in a cabin and drink hot chocolate, but inside I can’t see that view. Not to mention, I’d probably crash into a tree if I kept my eyes closed on the ski slopes. 
Whether you are sitting at a window with your eyes closed and waiting for a storm to pass so that you may open them and see the sunshine; or, you’re standing on the ledge of a decision, a choice, that has every fiber of your being shaking; or, you’re worried your life is moving too quickly for you to enjoy it, when you do open your eyes, and you take that leap of faith, you just might like what you see, and ultimately, who you are. 

I’ve always liked a good view. 

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