Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Expect Something Wonderful

“I want you to do this tomorrow morning, I want you to expect something wonderful. It may not be obvious and it may not even happen to you. But, if you expect it, it will happen.” 

The words came out of my mouth in a conversation with a colleague over a week ago. Admittedly, it’s a little boastful and assuming. I believed what I was saying because I needed to hear it myself. 

Two dozen of my colleagues spent more than $60 or so dollars on the Powerball jackpot today. We don’t even have the Powerball in the state of Nevada. Yet the hope and fun in the possibility was enough for us to try. Not winning, even when the odds were enormously not in our favor, is disappointing. By just pooling our money together the tiniest expectation out of this seemingly simple cause-and-effect situation emerged. We, however, didn’t emerge as winners. 

Just over a month ago, I was on vacation and preparing to return with a joyful and broken heart to leave loved ones geographically behind. Since then, as grace would have it, nothing relevant came to mind. 

This site sat here blank without any new words. 

To be perfectly honest, I was feeling disappointed about a multitude of things and frustrated for feeling that way to begin with. Lest I forget, I am human and it is in the very nature of being human (with feelings!) that we experience disappointment. It can be with finances, work, or relationships. Even when we say we don’t have expectations, they sneak up on us.

As a Christian, freedom really comes in the belief of God and the ultimate sacrifice He made for us. As just any ordinary person, Christian or not, freedom can come from releasing ourselves from the expectation we have in anything! (Opening up the opportunity for the great joy that just is.)

It’s a challenge and it takes an abundance of self-awareness. I’m reminding myself of it almost hourly, it seems. 

Alright, let’s be even more honest, my colleagues and I aren’t millions of dollars financially richer, but we had a lot of fun pretending and coming together as a cohesive unit for a chance at something we knew wasn’t likely. We won the experience, anyway.

Disappointment comes out of expectation, except in one expectation that I’ve noticed recently.

Expect something wonderful, and it will happen. Don’t worry about what that something is. 

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  1. Maybe you went wrong by equating 'wonderful' to material gain. Not something God likes much, best to leave it to Him to decide what that wonderful truly means; all you have to do is wait and accept whatever God interprets it as. Maybe during that disappointment God was showering you with real wonder; the wisdom that money cannot buy happiness. Or other things you missed while worrying about dollars.


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