Sunday, March 31, 2013

Let's Get Unstuck and Accept the Outstretched Hand

Sometimes, we just get this nudge that says, “Go!” If we don’t have anywhere to go, it can leave us in a state of being stuck. 
Then, just like being a small child struggling to go to sleep at night, with a fear there are monsters under the bed, we become afraid to move. We know, beyond those monsters under the bed is a quick dash to the door that goes out into the hall to the security of our parents’ room. 
If we could just put our foot on the ground and believe our ankles would remain free to dash...we would. Instead, though, we often find ourselves cowering in our beds, under the covers (maybe with a flashlight) waiting for morning to come. If only someone had left the light on...
A lesson was shared with me recently and I’ll share it with you:
When we can’t figure out how to get unstuck from the “stuff” of our lives, the circumstances and situations we know need to change, there’s probably somebody who can.
We all have someone in our life with the ability to leverage our situation for us and get things done. Maybe it’s a bad financial situation and someone you know has a great budgeting system, but you just haven’t asked around. Maybe it’s a bad relationship or maybe it’s a job situation. Perhaps, someone you know may have the connection to the job you need right now. There could be a person in your life that has the perfect person in mind for you to date and they believe it could be “The One,” and they’re on to something! 
We all get stuck (in a moment or in a situation). 
I’ve come to realize, if we lean on our support system and loved ones, and release the pressure on ourselves to go it alone, to do everything alone, and figure things out alone we’ll be better versions of ourselves. When we accept help and allow someone else to be our Tour Guide, we mature. It’s humbling surrender to accept we simply can’t do it alone. 
Chances are, there’s someone in your life that has the authority to help you get done what you need to get done. 
On this Easter Sunday, I remember the One who said, “It is finished.” All of our past and future debts, transgressions, and sins paid for. 
We couldn’t do it alone and still we can’t. 
I am abundantly thankful for that awareness and the unstoppable hope, unexplainable grace, and unfathomable love and always being able to ask for help.
Thankful too for the great parallel of asking others for help and leaning on loved ones who have the leverage to connect the dots, or lead the way, or offer an opportunity.
All we have to do is accept the outstretched hand. 

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