Saturday, May 11, 2013

Coming Up for Air

I’m coming up for air. I’ve been quiet and probably overly thoughtful about a few things in recent weeks. 
The other night I stopped and realized, this might be the most thought provoking and meaningful year since I was an almost philosophy major in college. It left me in awe, and awe is pretty much the state of my existence. Of course, there are moments of sudden jolts within my reality, but mostly I’m in awe.
I thought about ways to articulate the swirling in my head, but I am not even sure storyboards or mapping would convey it properly. One thing I’ve learned is my intuition is nearly always right, even when I am handed conflicting confirmation. The gut knows. So, you see, I have to come up for air: 
"It never ceases to amaze me how the seemingly mundane, ordinary, and even happenstance parts of life become so critically important. The gradual passage from good to great, from the hard thing that becomes the right thing, to the unexpected and undeniable joys. It is in the thick of intuition and expecting something wonderful that all things are just good. Even on my darkest days, I know all these things are wonderful."

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