Thursday, May 29, 2014

Grace is Found in the Folds

Silence is not what I expected to last for weeks, let alone months as it has snow, when I started out on this journey of writing and sharing with you the moments in which we find grace. As it turns out, though, this is precisely the best way to articulate and show and express through words what grace is about. 
Unmet expectations are hard to swallow: the man we went on a date with that we so convinced ourselves was the one, the job that didn’t quite turn out to be what we thought we signed up for, the rain that poured down on an otherwise sunshine-filled day. Or, it’s the unmet expectation that the person we relied on to provide, show up, do or say anything that they didn’t do; it’s what fills us with disappointment. 
Then, through no real fault of their own or the circumstance, we start to carry the weight of The Unmet. The fondness we may have had for someone builds up into some level of doubt and mistrust and the excitement we once felt about that man, the job, or the day ahead begins to disappear. The problem is when we are on the other side of the situation we crave forgiveness, a chance to demonstrate new promises, and an opportunity to brighten days once again. Grace, on the human level, is found in the folds before anyone ever says, “I’m sorry” and before anyone ever thinks of needing an apology. 
Grace, you see, it isn’t earned. It just is!
So, while I could appeal to you, my thoughtful and few readers, to accept my apology for not writing recently it would be a mute point. I forgive myself, you see, just as I hope you would forgive me. Forgiveness is different! So, maybe if you were present in the room as I walked over to laptop and decided to use part of my new challenge of writing 30 Minutes for 30 Days to write this... there would be a nod and a slight smile. 
Grace, it’s right there in the moment, it’s everything we need to believe in ourselves, to achieve what we so want to be great at and it’s free! Who doesn’t love free stuff?
You might be wondering why I don’t ask you to forgive me for not writing after all this time... 
Forgiveness is what we hope for and ask for when we know we’ve wronged another person. It’s as simple as, “I’m sorry if I upset you this week.” Or, “I know that your sunhat was really important to you, I’m sorry I spilled my coffee on it! I hope you can forgive me.” (Yes, I know that forgiveness is often used for some really tough situations!) Sometimes, though, forgiveness is something we harbor and tell ourselves that it’s too hard! I just can’t bring myself to forgive him, he really hurt me! Well, at some point, for your own benefit  - and this is really important - for your own benefit, forgive that person! In some cases, they don’t even have to know because maybe they don’t care, but you will and it will help you move on. 
Grace is just a given! By the grace of the moment, of God, of your love and trust I’m able to sit back down and live and breathe these words. I hope you stick around, but if you don’t that’s alright too.
Now, it’s your turn: What forgiveness are you wrestling with today? Where do you need grace in your life? 

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