Thursday, September 10, 2015

I'd Rather Experience the Arrival of Fall

Writing for pleasure, it seems, is becoming like a chore. Or, it's something I have to make time to do or it just pops into my head at one random moment. Lately, writing for pleasure or for this blog is something that occurs on a whim. I can't schedule it; make time for it, because I think it makes time for me. The conundrum of daily life, the daily grind, and the stuff that keeps us busy from the other stuff we want to enjoy, that's the premise of this piece. It's a departure from the usual posts. I'm sure there's a Bible verse woven in here somewhere and also a bit of faith to tap into, but it's not blatant. More or less, it's just cathartic release. 

Pausing for a moment to see the view.

Do you ever have a problem stepping away from the daily grind?
Do you get to the point where you're too connected to unwind?
It feels like things won't get done,
So you read your email, every last one. 
It's as if the tasks will never be complete,
So it's with your own self you compete. 
I sometimes get lost in the groove,
My stress, my fear dares me to move. 
Clackity-clack, my fingers type
If I don't, you'll hear me gripe!
But I don't want to do it at all,
I'd rather experience the arrival of Fall. 
So, my darling, put me at ease 
Help me let go of this nonsense, please. 
Together we deserve so much more,
you, my attention and we should soar!

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