Words of Wisdom for Daily Life
Growing up isn't easy and there are always lessons to learn and ones we sometimes have to relearn. Wisdom is what happens once whatever it is that we experienced or went through is over and we understand it. You can be wise at 16 or 61. It just depends on what topic and your life experience. 

Here, you'll find wisdom for daily life. Words of encouragement and hope, and even the occasional sense of humor. The most recent piece of wisdom will always be posted first. 

~~~~November 14, 2013~~~~

Gratitude is the wellspring of life. I mean, it's the one great emotion or feeling that breeds more of the reason for that feeling in the first place.

I'm amazed at how much the world opens up with the two most simple and meaningful words one can say (with meaning): "Thank You."

~~~~January 9, 2013~~~~
"Do you believe in 'good vibes'" someone asked me just before the new year.
After pondering and meandering through my answer, I would say:
"I firmly believe you feel the reverberations of what you put out there."

~~~~October 9, 2012~~~~
It's only those who take leaps of faith who grow wings to fly.

~~~~September 23, 2012~~~~
Celebrate others and you will celebrate yourself. Allow yourself to surrender to the joy
of the experience and you might experience joy beyond your own imagination.

~~~~August 26, 2012~~~~
 God won't give you more than you can handle. You will face heartache, you will fall down, and you will face doubt. The voids you feel will be real.
Yes, that will all happen, but you will not break. You will heal.
I Corinthians 13:10 | 2 Corinthians 4: 8-9

~~~~August 19, 2012~~~~
Look for the friends who hold you up and know that you can hold them up, too. We would all be weak if we relied on just one person to sustain us, especially if we didn't sustain them, too.

~~~~August 17, 2012~~~~
An open heart is far more than open eyes. Ordinary moments are far from ordinary. If we are open to the blessings of life, we will receive them unexpectedly and in surprising ways.  

~~~~August 12, 2012~~~~
You do measure up. Feel what you feel and vent about it when that doubt and uncertainty comes. You're going to be great, even when you think you're not.
~~~~August 10, 2012~~~~
Don't think about your weaknesses. Acknowledge them, learn from them, and then move on. Focus on your strengths, what people appreciate about you, and who God has called you to be.

~~~~August 8, 2012~~~~
No one can pressure you without your permission. God didn't expect us to be a doormat and he certainly didn't make us to be wimps.

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